Pedestal - Glacier Series

The Glacier Series developed from ideas inspired by several vacations spent in mountain areas. The textures reflect the various rock formations observed in the canyons of Utah, Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons,the Canandian Rockies, the Grampians in Australia, and the mountains of New Zealand. The milky blue glaze on some art work in this series is typical of the rivers created by glacier runoff in the Canadian Rockies and New Zealand. Glacial ice also has a range of blue hues that I sometimes use in this series. 

The textures are created in ways that take advantage of the plasticity of the clay. I want to leave evidence of various marks that mimic the way mountains and glaciers are formed over time. Textures are created using a variety of found objects to push, pull, press, and smooth the clay. Most textures are built up in layers that obscure parts of previous layers. The process of building layers is a combination of the planned and the intuitive so that the textures evolve.